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Ancient Practices for Physical and Mental Health

Hello all you beautiful ladies! Hope you had a wonderful week. Do I hear you saying you danced your way to fitness? Lovely!

While embracing new techniques though, let us not forget the Indian ancient practices for physical and mental health. Our ancestors followed these practices diligently to maintain wellness. India is an ancient country and there are numerous age-old practices to improve a person’s physical and emotional well-being. Indeed, many of our mythological stories include intricate details of such practices.

Let’s look at some of them today.

Ancient Practices for Physical and Mental Health

1. Yoga

Yoga is a set of physical postures called ‘asanas’. Each pose is designed in a way to provide physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness. It is an extremely holistic approach to unite mind, body and soul by directing our energies positively. Wise sages have practiced yoga for centuries, and now it has gained immense popularity even in the West.
‘I am standing on my own altar, the poses are my prayer’ – B.K.S. Iyengar
Many westerners visit India to opt for yoga courses nowadays. Yoga poses help improve the oxygenation of our blood cells and increase lung capacity. Practicing Yoga regularly is very calming for our hormonal and nervous systems. Yoga can be used for quietening the mind and concentrating on preparation of meditation.
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Ancient Practices for Physical and Mental Health

2. Pranayam

The practice of controlled breathing to channelize vital energy within the body is Pranayam. Our thoughts and emotions disrupt our breathing cycle. Our breath is our life force.
Regular practice of these breathing exercises focuses the mind and expands our life force to meet the cosmic life force. It encourages and develops our body’s capacity to self-heal. Pranayam, traditionally, was used to get rid of the negative energy in our body and prepare our mind for meditation.
Ancient Practices for Physical and Mental Health - Pranayam

3.  Walking barefoot

Walking on natural earth, barefoot, draws the powerful and unique energies of the Earth in our body. Earth is one of the elements out of which our body is made so our body resonates with the energy of Earth. Humans knew the effect of this energy from time immortal. That is why walking barefoot and sleeping on the floor with a natural fiber is encouraged and followed even today. Basically, barefoot walking enables absorption of antioxidants which are required to reduce harmful free radicals in our body. Typically, a 20 minute walk barefoot helps balancing the body’s energy waves.

4. Meditation

Meditation is a holistic practice of quietening the mind, stilling the body and entering a state of tranquility, while being fully alert. We have practiced meditation in India for centuries. It promotes good spiritual, emotional and physical health.
When our thoughts become extremely chaotic and stressful, meditation can help us achieve happiness by reconnecting with our inner self and boosting our confidence and self-control.
Meditation is extremely therapeutic. With regular practice, it enables us to recharge and recuperate. And it also helps us to rise above trauma, depression, negativity and stress.

5. Chromotherapy

Chromotherapy is application of specific colors applied to the body to enable balancing body energies.
Sunlight are worshiped for its healing properties, the ability to prevent disease and for being a source of unlimited and life giving solar energy. There are seven colors which form the sunlight. These colors have their own energy vibrations and healing properties. We link the seven chakras in our body to seven different colors.
The therapist uses sunlight or colored lights to practice Chromotherapy.
Ancient Practices for Physical and Mental Health

In today’s hectic lifestyle, we strive to achieve peace, tranquility and harmony. Ancient Indian wisdom can benefit us greatly to instill physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Have you tried any of these? Has it worked for you? Please share your story!
Stay fit! Stay beautiful!

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