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Just look at your wardrobe/cupboard. Is it overflowing with clothes? Are you inundated with apparel that you had bought on a whim and haven’t touched since the day it came home?

These stories sound very familiar, don’t they? The endless amount of clothes and how nothing is available for any of your parties or dates or meetings – whatever. It seems so frustrating that you should own everything, every new fashion, yet never finding anything appropriate to wear!

We have come up with a list of essentials that you must always have in your wardrobe. These items are timeless, they never go out of fashion. You can never commit a faux pas in them. Intrigued? Read on.

A white tee

There are no questions about this. This is one piece of clothing everyone must have in their wardrobes. Whether you are planning a day out with your friends or a date in the evening with your significant other, the white T-shirt can save you anytime, anywhere. Always keep two or three white t-shirts in your wardrobe, because, white. If they are plain, then they can be accompanied by a jacket, shrug or even a shirt and can be worn to formal occasions too.

Blue jeans

What is the first thought that comes in your mind when you think what you will be pairing your white T-shirt with? A pair of blue jeans, of course! A well-fitting, and we mean a fit like a second skin, pair of blue jeans are the go-to item for every girl. When you feel that you haven’t got anything to wear, just pick your most favourite pair of jeans. Then pair them with the ubiquitous white tee, or a kurti, or a shirt, and you are set for anything you may have planned for the day.


The Little Black Dress or the LBD, as it is popularly known, is your saviour if you are a real party person or a social butterfly. An LBD that flatters your body is a blessing in disguise for all your social needs. There are various types of LBDs available in the market. You’ll have to try and see which type suits you best. Once you find the perfect one, both you and your dress cannot be separated from each other forever.

Leather belt

You must have a classic leather belt that you can wear with your jeans, suits, summer dresses or long gowns. Just putting it on will give you a different level of elegance effortlessly. If you are into bling, you can go for those shiny buckles that turn you into the stylish diva you are.


Every girl needs heels, period. The confidence that a great pair of heels can give you is just unparalleled. It boosts your height and gives you sexy legs. And needless to say, it can be teamed with any dress. If you want to give your daily dress a glam upgrade, just slip on your killer heels. They do not disappoint.

Salwar kameez

You cannot walk in your jeans and tee during a festival or a function in the family without bringing on the wrath of all the relatives on your head. You need ethnic wear. A set of a well-tailored salwar kameez is a must-have in a girl’s wardrobe. We also recommend it for days when you simply cannot handle jeans. A salwar kameez makes a refreshing change once in a while.

There, we have listed it out. Next time you go shopping, check the latest trends and fashion, but ensure the above in your shopping cart. Stock on these basics, and you are sorted for life!

If you do have any of these, send us a gorgeous pic of yours flaunting the attire. We would love to see you!

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