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Swimming Pools and more!

My tryst with swimming pools is just not ending. I had planned to write a single blog on it, and here I am into my third blog. We explored the world’s deepest, longest pool and many other pools in our first blog. The second blog took us to the beautiful infinity pools. While I thought that was it, the adventurist in me wanted more! Why not explore the pools that give the adrenaline rush!

So here we are with a list of pools that are a bit adventurous and a bit scary:


Devil’s Pool,Victoria Falls, South Africa:

If you are the one who thrives on adventure, then visit the scariest pool in the world. Yes, you heard it right! This Devil’s pool, located on the Victoria Falls in South Africa is called the scariest pool in the world. Read on to know why! The Victoria Falls is one of the largest waterfalls in the world and the pool is the natural formation formed near the cliff. As you take a dip into the pool, you can enjoy the sight of the waterfalls as the heavily flowing water from Zambezi river plunges into the 128 meters deep gorge. And don’t worry as there is a strong rock wall which will prevent you from diving into the fall. But for an onlooker it looks really scary as the wall is not seen from the shore.

Holiday Inn, Shanghai Pudong Kangqiao:

This pool is surely not for weak hearted! The pool is located at the 24th floor and is suspended. The pool is made of glass. So as you take a plunge into the pool, you can see the people and the traffic on the road which is 24 floors below you. So it is definitely not for people who are scared of heights! There is nothing to worry about safety wise as the pool is reinforced with concrete and has six sheets of glass but the whole idea of swimming at such a height with just the glass beneath scares the hell out of you!

The Library Blood-Red Pool, Koh Samui, Thailand

Koh Samui is known for its natural beauty. But what stands out is the blood red pool in the Library resort at Koh Samui. After having first look at the pool, I get a feeling that has the blood sucker Dracula bathed in it? We are so used to seeing blue and turquoise water that red seems to be not a color for water! We only see this coloured water in Holi in our country, isn’t it? This red colour isn’t created by adding red colour to water and would not damage your skin. This colour comes from the combination of red, orange and yellow tiles from which the pool is made.

Illusion of Pool, Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanawaza, Japan:

If you see a bunch of people immersed in a pool and walking inside it, don’t worry! They are not drowning. This is just the illusion that is created. The pool is not an actual water pool, but is formed by creating an illusion. Just 10 cm of water is added in transparent glass sheets and you feel like it is a pool from the top whereas it is just an empty room at the bottom. As you go into this empty room, you can gaze at the rippling water effect that is created which looks as surreal as the view from the top.

Did you enjoy the trip to the scary pools? Do you now want to relax and have a hot pool bath. Then take a look at the pool below:

Blue Lagoon Geothermal spa, Grindavik, Iceland:

Get ready to visit the Geothermal wonder of the world. The water in the Lagoon is naturally heated by a 800 year old lava and the water has many minerals, silica and algae which is best for the skin and can cure skin diseases like psorasis. It was named as in 2012 in the Natural Geographic’s list of natural wonders. Wouldn’t you like to take a dip here?


How did you like this segment of wonderful swimming pools around the world? Did you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it?

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