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How to travel Virtually: Virtual City Tours!

You can all call me travel freak, but I am really missing travel #SocialDistancing! Every time I travel to a new place, there is an excitement of what I would find, which people I would meet, which places I will visit and most importantly what food I will eat. I am missing all that! So in times of this gloomy lockdown, when I was depressed and just browsing through Youtube, I came across these virtual city tours!!

PS: do not forget to upgrade the video quality in Youtube before watching it. These videos are best viewed in Ultra HDs!

How to travel virtually?

Here are a few tips before you embark on virtual adventure to make it more interesting:

1. Be ready with your bucket list

Ensure that you are ready with a bucket list of exactly where you would like to travel virtually. You do not want to waste time discussing when you can spend time watching!

Do not miss this list of interesting virtual tours of iconic places!

2. Get your picnic baskets ready

These tours take time. You can enjoy them with some munchies at hand. Popcorn, chips go a long way in making it fun. Here are a few quick recipes you can try while you travel virtually:

3. International cuisine

You can also try and prepare international cuisine of the city you are planning to visit virtually. It will enhance your experience of virtual travel.

4. Travel Playlist

Build your personal favorite travel playlist, which you can play during your virtual city tours.

5. Travel games

If you are going travel virtually with your partner or family or friends, then you can even plan a few travel games or trivia.

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Virtual City tours

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London city tour

London is one of the world’s most visited city (Ref: Lonely Planet). The grandeur of the royal buildings, intricacy of the structures and the beauty of river all rolled into one, London indeed is the best city to visit. I had been there twice, and both the times explored city through tubes (underground railways) and rest on foot. I fell in love with museums, lakes, parks and the walks! Check out this video of a walking tour of London. Remember its a 4 hour video and it is just a part 1. So you can plan it over few days if you do not have enough time.


Paris City tour

Paris is a lover’s romantic dream land! The petit french cafes, classic bistros, the rue de walkways, ancient monuments and structures – everything awakens the mystique in you!  My fascination for Paris was of course due to the fashion there. But the allure increased as I walked and saw the artwork every where. These people love their art (and wine, of course!) and like to create art in everything – the food, the wine, the buildings, the roads! No wonder Louvre is situated in the heart of this city. Check out this city tour of Paris –


Amsterdam city tour:

Amsterdam is full of beautiful canals lined with artistic heritage and artful designs. It is supposed to be the most liberal city famous for its museums, coffee shops, the red light district and the Tulip festival in January. It has been on my bucket list but have not yet been able to tick it off. Check out its virtual tour here –

Hope you loved our short tour to the best cities in Europe!! Which virtual city tour are you interested in? 

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