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Virtual tours you should not miss

Coronavirus lockdown has extended and all we could do is for the early end of the pandemic. Till then should we give up on our travel? N0!! A big no!! Have you heard of virtual tours with virtual reality? These tours give the feeling as if you are actually present in that place to view it! So let’s take a virtual tour of few iconic places.

We have already explored some cities, zoos and aquariums in our last virtual trip. It is now time to explore some of the iconic places on earth virtually. Schedule an activity from Think Metime app and enjoy your time at home!

So, take your seat (at home, of course!), fasten your seat belts, switch on your mobiles and get ready for a mind blowing tour – a virtual tour to the world’s most iconic places.

Virtual tour of some Iconic Places in the world:

1. Egyptian Pyramids:

All of us are awed by the construction of Pyramids and their carvings. Do you want to learn about the Hieroglyphic writing? And do you want to hear stories about the kings and queens? Do you want to take 3D tours of temples and pyramids? Then below is the link for a virtual tour :

2. Louvre Museum, Paris

Louvre is the world’s largest museum and an historical icon of Paris. It is also the most visited museum in the world. Also, it is mainly known for the glass pyramid on the Louvre grounds. It is said that a person would need 100 days to see all the art in the entire museum. The museum has many galleries and a few of which can be visited virtually through the virtual tour at the link below – Louvre Virtual tour

3. The White House, Washington D.C.,USA

The White House, i.e. the residence of the President of United States of America is one of the most iconic landmark in the world. How about visiting the White House virtually? The White house has a history of 200 years and is home to many world famous presidents of US. You can see the White House at the link below: White House Tour

4. Buckingham palace, London

The house to the most coveted royal family in the world, the Buckingham Palace is the house to the Queen of England. For all those who have seen the Webseries The Crown must have an idea how fascinating the interiors of the palace are. So if you want to see the interiors of this palace of the world’s most famous anarchy then see the link below – Buckingham Palace

5. Taj Mahal, India:

And while we travel the world, how can we forget our very own monument of love which is the Taj Mahal. There are many celebrities who have visited this epitome of love and is amongst the seven wonders of the world. So if you want to sit at home and enjoy this beauty then take a virtual tour below: Taj Mahal tour

Do read our blog on: Taj Mahal

As we are now restricted to the boundaries of our home, all that we can do is relish old memories and sit back and travel virtually.

Let’s not make this social distancing period, the most gloomy period of our life. Let’s turn it into something amazing to cherished the rest of our lives!

We have some more virtual tours for you in the coming weeks. Keep watching this space for more.

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