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Jatayu Earth’s Centre-World’s largest bird Structure

Just when I thought I had read everything I need to know about my country, I came across this – Jatayu Earth’s Centre-World’s largest bird Structure!

(Image credit: Shutterstock; Jatayu Earth’s Centre)

The diversity of our country is simply amazing. We have snow clad mountains, valleys, crystal clear waters and deserts too. The natural diversity of the entire world can be experienced in this single country.

Our government is taking proactive steps to boost tourism, like Swachha Bharat Abhiyaan, restoring the heritage monuments and their promotion involving huge ad campaigns. Construction of unique gigantic structures is one such avenue. While we have the Sardar Vallabhai Patel statue which is the tallest statue in the world, we also have a bird statue in Kerala which has a proud place of mention in the Guinness book of world records for the largest bird statue in the world.

Let’s explore Jatayu Earth’s Centre in today blog:


Jatayu Earth’s Centre, Kerala:

This God’s own country is famous for many things already. The nature, tea plantations, beautiful laid back backwaters etc. Another feather in cap is this recently opened Jatayu Earth’s Centre at Chadayamangalam Kollam in Kerala. The rocks on which it is built are called Jatayupara.


The story:

Remember the story from Ramayana where Ravana abducted Sita and a bird Jatayu came to her rescue. The poor bird was hurt during the fight and died at the spot where the structure is built. Chadayamangalam has several huge rocks, out of which the tallest rock is considered to be the one where Jatayu fell. There is a depression on top of the rock which is believed to have been formed when Jatayu scraped there with its beak. A pond is formed here and it never goes dry. There is also a spot where there is an impression of foot which is believed to be of Lord Rama.


Who built it:

This is a dream project of filmmaker Ravi Anchal. It took him 10 years to build this project along with the help of Kerala government. Jatayupara was once an abandoned forest. This project opened up several employment opportunities for the locals and turned in to this very beautiful adventure Park.


What to do:

The Park can be divided in 4 areas. There are 4 hills per se. Let’s explore these hills:


Hill 1:

This is the main hill having the structure and the Rama temple.

The Structure:

The bird structure is supposed to be the largest in the world with an area sprawling 65 acres. It is 200 feet long, 150 feet wide and 75 feet tall. The structure is built at an altitude of 1200 ft. above sea level. As you land here from the cable car you would be zapped by the gigantic structure and the beauty around. The sadness in the eyes of the bird is beautifully captured. The interior of the statue is like a building with several floors. From the third floor, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the valley through the eyes of the Jatayu statue.


Cable car ride:

This Park has state of art cable car ride which is imported from Switzerland. Just imagine riding in the glass structure at an altitude of 1000 feet with the breathtaking views of forests and valleys and an equally beautiful landing on this bird structure. Wouldn’t you love to experience it? All this is at a cost of just INR 400 plus taxes. Wonderful, isn’t it?


Museum and 6D show:

The walls of the space inside are the screens where a video show with 6D effects will be exhibited. The story shows the abduction of Sita.


Rama temple:

As per the story, Rama visited Jatayu and gave moksha to the bird. Rama’s footprints are also seen in the rock. A small temple is built here and is managed by a trust.


Hill 2:

Adventure Zone: There are as many as 15 adventure activities at the hill. You can spend one entire day here. The total cost us around 1000 to 1500 INR depending on the activities you choose. Trained staff guides you through these activities. There are activities like Archery and rifle shooting at the start. Then there is wall climbing and rappelling. There are offbeat activities like Chimney Climbing, where you need to climb the hill through the narrow gap between two hills and Vertical ladder where you need to Climb a ladder made of steel rope to reach the top of hill .You can also try Side Joola where you can enjoy walking through swings, Commando Net, Jumaring which has you crossing along a steel rod or Log walk which involves walking along the wooden log. You can also enjoy paintball and valley crossing here.


Hill 3:

This hill has few more adventure activities like activities zip line and sky cycling. They have made arrangements for camping tents and bonfires and romantic moonlight dinner with live music.


Hill 4:

A helipad has been built near this hill. So, if you want to take a mind-blowing helicopter ride around the place that is possible. Do you want to get yourself rejuvenated? Try Siddha rejuvenation in natural caves. They provide accommodation here. Herbal garden and the beautiful surroundings will surely add to the beauty of your stay!


Tickets and other details:

Only online booking is available for visitation. The entry is restricted to 400 tourists per day at adventure Park, 4000 at Jatayupara and just to 12 at the cave resort. Hence do plan in advance while going here.


How to get here:

Book a flight to Trivandrum. The Jatayu Centre is around 50 kms from the Trivandrum airport. You can either book a car or take a bus to reach this place.


Doesn’t this place seem to be a wonderful option while touring Kerala? Do plan at least a day to visit this beautiful place!

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