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Me time tips for new mommies

Today, let’s talk about Me time tips for new Mommies!

When we had a child, both our routines went right out of the window. The initial few days were full of random cycles of waking up and sleeping, wails and gurgles. They say babies do not know the day-night cycle, and hence they tend to stay up at night.

Don’t know about the baby, but our body clocks went for a toss as well. I didn’t know whether it was morning or night outside anymore. My husband soon got back into his regular routine. He had to go to work, after all. So he stopped waking at nights too. It was the baby and me all night.

After a rough 3-4 months, our baby finally started to sleep at night. And I began to be think optimistically about some Me time.

Now, why is this Me time important? The whole day, you cater to the needs of your family. Right from getting up early to get breakfast ready, to packing lunch, to feeding the baby, bathing and cleaning him/her, making them sleep and then engaging them in play when they wake up, picking up dirty clothes and diapers, folding clothes that are laundered, throwing them back in the washing machine coz your baby again peed on them (!), you are totally, constantly swamped in work. And this is if you have help for housework. If you don’t, add your household chores like laundry, sweeping and mopping the floor, cooking and washing dishes to your list, too.


If seeing this list doesn’t make you tired, I don’t know what will.

Among all this, where is your time? Have you ever wondered? Don’t you feel you have lost yourself in the rush that comes after a baby?

Don’t worry. I have some awesome tips for you. These are my personal favorites, and I want to share it with you, so that you can benefit from them too.

Before you plan your me time:

Let’s see what you should do first:

  1. Arrange a caretaker or a day care for your children and take yourself completely away from them for at least a couple of hours. Lock yourself in the bathroom, if need be. Select a place where your child won’t guess where you are and bang on the door with unending “Mammas”. This has a dual benefit of you catching some me time, plus the kid getting ready to spend some time away from you. This is highly required, else you’ll have a lot of trouble when starting school for him/her.
  2. Don’t spend your time on social media sites. True, you want to catch up with the latest happenings in your friends’ lives, but believe me, social media sites waste a lot of your time, and most likely, you end up frustrated, as you’ll be staring at your friends partying out, while you’re stuck at home! You don’t need that kind of pressure, trust me. You have enough!
  3. Wear your comfort clothes. If you are wearing a tight bra or jeans that are making you sweaty, you will find it hard to relax. Put on your softest pair of pajamas or whatever you want to wear at home. Freshen yourself up and spend at least 5 minutes on your skin care. Trust me, when you look good, you feel good about yourself. And when I say look good, I don’t mean thin and sexy. I just mean, look fresh and cheerful. If there are days, when you don’t feel like freshening up, don’t beat yourself up for it. It’s fine! Let yourself go…

Now, you are set. What things can you do?

Me time for new mommies

1. Nap

Nap is the best me time for new mommies. The most important thing any mother needs, she is so sleep deprived. A good nap can rejuvenate you to tackle the next few days without a meltdown. Go, get some sleep without guilt. You deserve it.

2. Read a book

If you are a book lover, you will know how it feels to read when kids are around you, tugging and pulling and fighting to get your attention. So when you get a chance, catch up on your reading, momma. If you can run up a warm bath and soak in it while reading (wine, optional, but highly recommended!), it would be bliss. I love it, wouldn’t you?

3. Binge watch Netflix

Netflix and chill takes on a whole new meaning after you have a child. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hotstar are, indeed, saviors for mothers who love to watch TV, but are unable to do so. Watch whatever you want to watch, whenever you get time. I heard the latest Game of Thrones is great, too. Just saying.

4. Going out with friends

If your friends aren’t married, or even if they are but don’t have children, they won’t understand how isolated you are now that you have kids. If they do have children, they will know what you are going through, and most probably, will be going through the same thing, too. Arrange a date with your friends. Go out with them without your children in tow. You would be surprised how much you enjoy yourself.

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5. Pamper yourself as me time

This is another best me time for new mommies. Go to a spa or a beauty parlour and get a facial or a mani/pedi. The massage helps you relax and gives your body the much needed TLC. You deserve pampering, mommies! You’re doing a lot! Enjoy… and keep that guilt demon away from you!


So those were our me time tips for new mommies. What do you think? These are doable and enjoyable. And you deserve them. Do you need more encouragement? Well, you will be happy and will be a happier mom to your kids. And they’ll love you all the more for this.

What’s your plan for your me time? Share your plans with us here and let us know how you relax and rejuvenate yourself!

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