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7 tips to get organised and gain me-time in kitchen

Number 7 is a pretty lucky number, don’t you think? We have 7 notes, 7 colors in a rainbow, 7 continents, 7 wonders of the world!! So, today we bring you another 7 number, i.e., our 7 tips to get organised and gain me-time in kitchen! These are actually simple tips for saving your precious time in the kitchen and gain some me-time in kitchen along the way!!
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Gain me-time in kitchen - meal planning

7 tips to get organised and gain me-time in kitchen

Cool Tips to save time in cooking –

Do meal planning well –

Plan the next week’s meals to the max extent possible, and stock up on all veggies, fruits, other items required for those meals. No rushing about at the last minute, or compromising on the ingredients.

Crux of meal planning – Pre-Prepare –

As a part of meal planning, do a pre-preparation for as many things as possible. For e.g., when I buy a muskmelon, or a watermelon, I immediately peel and chop it into pieces and store in the fridge. This way, I don’t have to spend time in cutting them at the last minute, making me late for something else. Similarly, leafy vegetables should be removed from their stems immediately, and stored in cloth or mesh bags, to keep them fresh for a longer time.

Hire help (without guilt!)

Fine, if you don’t want to ask somebody else to do your cooking for you. But, you can at least get help in meal planning especially cutting fruits and chopping vegetables.

Pre-cut Veggies (option for Tip #3, if you don’t want to go for hired help)

Use your awesome feminine charm, and strike a deal with your local vegetable vendor so that he will provide you with chopped veggies & leafy vegetables with stems separated, ready to be used in the kitchen. This checks off a big item on your meal planning checklist. Of course, not all veggies can be pre-cut and kept, but you can try with as many as possible.

The microwave in the kitchen is for use!

It’s time to dust off the dirt on the microwave in your kitchen and start using it in daily cooking. There are many who say that the microwave radiations are not good for the veggies. Yes, well, so is pollution bad for our respiratory system. Do we stop going out? Right…!  So, what you can do is cook the vegetables in the microwave for a short while (max 2-3 minutes), before adding it to the kadai. As the veggies are already half-cooked, it will take less than half your normal cooking time for you to make the sabji. Sprinkle half a spoon of oil on the veggies before you keep in the microwave, so that they don’t shrivel up in the heat.

Delegate work to save time and get me-time in kitchen –

Believe it or not, kids love doing things on their own. And getting that feeling of accomplishment, when they finish something successfully. You can attach some reward to make them feel even better about doing small things in the kitchen. Fine, they will take double your time in doing it, but at least it will be one job less for you. Same thing goes for your hubby… No need to tell you what could be the reward in this case! 😉

Get organized and gain me-time in kitchen

Throw off a bit of the laziness that surrounds us when it comes to putting the right things in the right places. Most of the time, what we do is shove things in whichever place we see is free, thinking we’ll get back to organizing it later. But, somehow that “later” never happens! And we have to spend ages to find things we need at the last minute! Spend one or two weekends in organizing your kitchen. Take that extra 10 seconds of it takes to actually put the stuff in the place it belongs!

Meal planning

We will find you some more tips but till then roll these out to sneak in those extra few minutes for yourself!! If you have any suggestions, please feel free to comment.

Happy cooking gals!

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