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What kind of a traveler are you?

“World is like a book and those who do not travel have seen only a single page of it”. Isn’t this true? We learn so much from traveling; we see so many cultures and meet different people. I feel travel is extremely therapeutic – it increases your energy levels, helps you think better and clearer, and makes you happy! Today we talk about what kind of a traveler are you?

Don’t you all like travelling? Feel like running away from the routine to some exotic place, and lose yourself in its beauty! Forget all your wordly worries, if only for a short while, and come back recharged, to face your challenging life with more gusto!

I always feel so. We plan a trip once a year. Travel to a place where we have never been before. The entire journey from planning a trip to the actual traveling and then storing the memories is extremely wonderful. Worth millions of dollars!

From the little that I have seen I feel that the travel community has these four kinds of travelers:

The “Backpackers” club:

These are the coolest of the lot! Give them a single backpack to store clothes, maps and a camera, and they’re as happy as bees! They can stay anywhere, travel anyhow, and eat anything. They are ready to try out new things, new places, experiment on food, local customs. Travel stories of such people are always worth listening to!

The “Honeymooners” Club:

The koochi-cooers! :P… Better leave them alone to spend their quality time. Travel for these people is more of a relaxation kind. They need places and activities which they can do and enjoy together.

Family Budget Travelers:

These are the ones who will save every penny for their trip. They are more interested in traveling together in a group, and having fun. They need family friendly places, so it’s easy for the kids.

Exotic Travelers:

These people like to stay in lavish hotels. Spend well on their food. They like to select the best hotels when travelling to a place. There are several travel agencies like Club Mahindra, Sterling holidays etc. to cater to this category of travelers.


So, in which category do you fit in? You can even try this fun test on to find out exactly what kind of traveler are you!!

To all the wonderful travelers, we would be bringing in a series of blogs on travel. We would give you some tips on planning your trip, travelling, packing, sightseeing and shopping too. These would of course be incomplete without your suggestions. So for each of the blog, do pour in your suggestions!

Happy Travelling! Let’s create a travel community!

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