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USA Travels : Pebble beach California

We have a new blogger on board and she is here to tell wonderful stories about her USA travels and it is the first Femme Fiesta is introducing video blogs!

Neha is a ‘pakki puneri’ girl but as life would have it she moved to the United States for school and then work. Having spent four years in downtown Chicago she now resides in the Bay Area and works as a software engineer. When she’s not working, she likes to visit new places and sharing those experiences through videos. Through her travels in USA she got an opportunity to spread her wings of individuality and explore the world without a familial filter. She thinks it’s an essential journey for everyone to discover themselves – as she is still learning and discovering.

On her tryst of discovery of US, she stumbled upon this lovely Pebble beach at California! Check out the video on our youtube channel –



I am sure you did not miss our special blog on ‘Rare Swimming Pools around the world‘. If you are interested in Golden Nugget hotel in Las Vegas, wait for more interesting updates from Neha on her USA Travels in her next vlog!!

Till then Happy Traveling!!

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  1. It was awesome to watch your first blog & video. It’s informational and am looking forward for more in numbers.

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