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Rare swimming pools around the world

Swimming pools are always been an added attraction in any resort and while booking any resort, my kids make me check if it has a swimming pool and especially a baby pool. While on the trip, my main aim is to cover all the places as I had planned and my daughter is just worried as to when she will get a dip into the pool. I sometimes wonder why I bother to take them to places when their requirement is just a swimming pool which I can get in any resort nearby!

While we just care if there is a swimming pool in the hotel, there are some resorts around the world which boast of really unique experience through their swimming pools. These swimming pools are uniquely constructed after spending millions of money on them to give you unforgettable experience.

We are going to explore these unique swimming pools around the world in today’s blog:


Crocosaurus Cove, Australia:

The swimming pool in Australia which is called the “cage of death” is a house to 200 crocodiles. If you have to try the “Khatron ke Khiladi” stunts the safer way then do visit this pool. You would enter in a safe acrylic tube which would be your cage and the crocodiles would come close to you and you would feel as if you are touching them. Some crocodiles are even 5 metres long, so beware! This experience would be thrilling and chilling at the same time. How does a date with the crocodiles sound?

Golden Nugget, Las Vegas, USA

Crocodiles seem scary, isn’t it? We have another option for you. If you want to slide with the sharks head to Golden Nuggets in Las Vegas. For the unique experience, you have to first climb up around 30 feet and then slide down through a slide where you would see the sharks by your side, of course separated by a glass. This slide is one of its kind and sliding through it would be an experience of lifetime. As you come down, you will get a dip into the pool and will get a chance to view the sharks also!

Beer pool, Austria:

Hmm… Now this seems like a very interesting pool and some of us would like to settle in the pool forever, isn’t it? A brewery in Austria gives you this unique experience. The beer is supposed to be very good for hair and skin and hence dip into this warm pool of beer is something you must try! But hold on, you cannot just drink the beer out of the pool as it is not advisable for drinking. But you can certainly order some cold beer and enjoy your time in the pool. Cheers!


Nemo 3 pool, Brussels, Belgium:

This is the deepest pool on the world and holds a Guinness book record for that. It is 113 feet deep. The water is supposed to be fresh water which is non-chlorinated and it is heated at 30 degree Celsius which makes it easy for divers to dive for long periods. There is a pit through which you can dive and go to the Bottom of the pool. There are artificial caves created inside the pool. People can also watch you from windows at various stages in the pool. The pool is basically built for scuba divers to practice before they do the actual stuff out in the ocean.


San Alfonso Del Mar Resort, Chile



Located bang in front of Pacific Ocean, this swimming pool is spread in 19.77 acres. Yes, you heard it right! Its spread over 19.77 acres and needs around 250 million litres of water. The water from Pacific Ocean is purified and filled in the swimming pool. What an experience it must be to swim in front of the great Pacific Ocean in the world’s longest pool!


While I decided to write this blog, I thought just one would be enough. But hey, we haven’t seen the infinity pools yet with boast of views which will leave you mesmerized! The snow clad mountains, dense forest, city skyline are all the things which you can see while idling in these pools.


Do I hear you saying, you want to hear more about these pools? Then keep watching this space for more! Till then spare me some time as I need a dip in some water back home, perhaps a hot pool or a Jacuzzi!

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