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12 Me time Resolutions

On the last day of the year, we bring you 12 me time resolutions for the 12 months of the new year!

We had fun and festivals and moments filled with tears and memories of happiness. Waving adieu to an amazing 2018 and looking forward to a charismatic beginning, 2019 ringing in new hopes and a string of refined festivities ahead, here are a twelve-month calendar events for you to plan and jump in with joy to make the most of it!!

Lock in dates and book yourselves pure smiles for an en-thrilling 2019 ahead as you scroll down the ‘Us-Time’ and ‘Me-Time’ Resolutions in store!

Me time Resolution for January

This Makar Sankranti dig deep with enthusiasm at the lovely first month. Gift yourself a beautiful black saree with shimmering gold borders and make the world turn around!!

Swoop the shopping websites and get the bang-on deal girls!

Fall in love with yourselves and let the world loose in you! Logon to Myntra!

Me time Resolution for February

With Valentine’s Day knocking your doors, get drenched in the season of love!

Make sure you book yourselves a Spa appointment with Bae. A fancy candlelight dinner with the melodious music to go around makes the season of love more beauty in its own!!

Grab your offers and set your February on fire!!

Me time resolution for March

With Holi approaching with the ferrous riot of colors, don’t skip the Holi party in your town!! Colors don’t count age and neither should you!

Groove to the Holi beats and the scrumptious food along while you play with each other till you drop!

Sport a white kurta if possible while you let the colors paint you! Winks!

Me time resolution for April

With Gudi Padwa marking its presence; walk into the jewelry shop and buy yourselves your favorite piece of art you eyed on since the past year! Gift yourselves a reason to smile and a piece of shine to flaunt! Once again, embrace the new year in a swag, ladies!!

Me time resolution for May

Don’t let the tan give you goosebumps, girls!! Get on the blue spree girl!

This summer vacation, sign up for a swimming lesson with your kids!!

The scorching heat gives you enough reason to spend some wonderful time with the kids and be a Water Baby!!

Me time resolution for June

While the rains are welcoming and not choking our movements around, escape for lush green trekking and overnight camping!

Because dancing in the rains is fun never to be given upon!

Me time resolution for July

With monsoon caging you and holding you up in your homes; arrange a fabulous house party and make yourself swirl in the rains!

If not a party, plan days with role reversals! You laze around the couch enjoying your favorite book, while your husband cooks something delicious for you!

Me time resolution for August

This month, put your craft skills to work, girls!

Mark your calendars with Independence Day and create a patriotic atmosphere while you indulge in abstract painting activity with the tricolors!!

With Raksha Bandhan arriving the same day, get going in the tricolor Rakhi making with your kiddos and surprise your brothers along with your hand crafted rakhis!

Me time resolution for September

September brings in a variety of festivals to feast on!

With all cultural vibrancy, take up indulging in celebrations with more colors to add on!

Tap your YouTube windows and take up the exercise to draw wonderful Rangolis around!!

Here is the link to try out the beginner level designs!


Me time resolution for October

Welcoming the month of Diwali with art and craft and the perfect decorations in place; this Diwali, try the henna magic on your hands!!

With fretting fingers and shivering hands, let go your fear of messing up the design! Have a look at these Arabic Henna designs to start off the beautiful string of patterns!


Me time resolution for November

With Children’s day on the list with the extending Diwali vacations on hand, plan a trip to the kid’s favorite place; Imagica and Aquamagica! (or any other exciting place for that being!)

Begin your hunt now!!

Me time resolution for December

Take the last bite of the grateful year before you start with the next set of resolutions!!

With the season’s last grape-wine out, and the colorful fest to cherish the last days of the wonderful year spent, finish of all your leaves as you plan to escape and complete your pending dates!!

Grab the last bunch of holidays and get moving to your unplanned destination with Bae and make the most of the fresh chilly winters, girls! Winks!

[P.S.– Read on Deepti Beke’s travel stories to zero on your next location!]

So girls, have you set up your google calendars to snooze you up for the upcoming me time resolutions?

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