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Anniversary Gifts From Year 1 to Year 10

Whether t’s your hush-hush no one’s knowing us years or the lavish days post marriage, Anniversaries hold a special importance of being together and deserve a loud declaration of love bounded with detailing and uniqueness.  Be it your first one or be it the 50th on count, anniversary gifts will always be an inseparable part of demonstrating love to your partner.

Every passing year brings in a new set of lovely memories and thoughts attached to them with a significant meaning attached.

With a hectic life schedule consuming your thoughts and leaving a little room for your thoughts to reap, here is a list of unique year-wise gift list you can shower your better half with a meaningful message written on!

Anniversary gifts from Year 1 to year 10

Year 1- The Paper Anniversary

Time flies and you have made it a wonderful year together and looking for further more to cherish.

The first-year anniversary is marked and is popular to be known as the Paper Anniversary!

Light as a paper with the zero weightage heavy responsibilities, make this year special by gifting each other the paper made products!

Else, you could also get a sketch done!!

Anniversary gifts from Year 1 to year 10

Year 2- The Cotton Anniversary

Soft and squishy as cotton, where you are still accommodating in the taste of one another, make the most of the Cotton Anniversary by gifting each other cute soft-toy with a cute message on (Click on the picture below)!

You could also go in for the handcrafted cotton quilts and make your winters seem the warmest with him! Winks!

Anniversary gifts from Year 1 to year 10

Year 3- The Leather Anniversary

Putting all our time investment and patience, no wonder our third year together is symbolized with the precious leather!

Where leather is banned at various places; you can shop online and get the best deal for having unique customized wallets for yourselves!


Year 4- The Fruit Flower Anniversary

With fragrance adding to the blossoming years; this year gift your soulmate a lovely bouquet and a little note written along.

Don’t miss having a fruit-flavored ice-cream to celebrate the success of your devoted 4 years!

Say Hi to Ferns and Petals for a home delivery!

Year 5- The Wooden Anniversary

Strong and wise like an old wooden log, where you have seen the adversities and stood up thick with each other, grab a beautiful wooden piece for him and make him go wow (Click on the picture to browse more wooden products)!

Year 6- The Iron Candy Anniversary

Where the relationship is turning utmost durable like the iron with ample strong bond of togetherness; the sweetness of it has only improved. Mark this year with having cotton candies and get rid of the rust of the world! Because you are a big whole team of two!!

You can also gift yourselves a carved iron bar with your initials and let your main-door do the talking!

Year 7- The Wool Copper Anniversary

While the warmth of wool has eloped you enough to make to sail through the journey of life, copper has kept the spark alive!

Cherish this year buying yourselves twin sweatshirts and twin copper bottles as you keep the spark lit between you!

Year 8- The Bronze Anniversary

Cherishing the year of strength, bring home a bronze idol and article to look at all your lives!

You can also buy the Chinese Feng Shui I-Ching Bronze Amulet Coins and welcome good luck all along!

Year 9- The Pottery/Willow Anniversary

Where pottery represents home, health and family, willow is a symbol of a stable and loving marriage.

With 9 years in your pocket, while you have made through the above and moving towards your landmark year of ten, gift him her favorite coffee jar and mug and buy a small bonsai of the willow tree to decorate your plant nursery!!

Order this bonsai from Amazon right away!!

Year 10- The Tin Aluminum Anniversary

According to etiquette, the traditional 10-year anniversary gift is tin or aluminum. That doesn’t sound glamorous, right? The good news is, there are a ton of creative, fun and romantic gifts made of these silver-tone metals.

Check the link to grab these amazing photo-frames capturing your happiest moments!!

Girls, have your Anniversary gifts from year 1 to year 10 penned and planned as you gear up for your Anniversaries this year!

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