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Gift him these 7 Love Coupons

Not sure what to gift your partner? These Love coupons might come handy!

Love blossoms in an awesome relationship. However with time increasing its pace, leaving a little room for romance, you feel yourself missing the old flame. Here are some love coupons those will give you the opportunity to spoil your loved one once again?

So this year on his birthday, in this hectic world of materialism, gift him your emotions! Here are 7 coupons to make him woo over you and revive your golden moments back!

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Gift him these 7 Love Coupons

1.    End This Fight Right Now

Even if I am mad and in no shape or mood to gulp my words back, I will stop!

Ladies, this coupon will be a real test of your love for sure! Winks!!

Gift him these love coupons

2.    Emergency Exit Please

Another bouncer love coupon for you; but a bonus for him! He can make those boy’s night plan, leaving you behind!

You better make just one of this coupon ladies! Winks!

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3.    The Remote Steal Deal

Where you sit with your eyes wide and alert as the television box plays his favorite movie!

The real challenge here is to stay awake and clueless while you are submissive to his not so fancy matches out there!

But, worth his smile, girlies!

4.    A Quick Quickie Love coupon

Umm… whenever and wherever you say!

The ultimate steal deal must say!

Gift him these love coupons

5.    20 Kisses…Not On The Lips Though!

Woo… Give him some extra hot loving, ladies!

You never know what this love coupon might lead to next! Winks!

6.    Weekend Wheels On Me

You might hate yourselves to leave a beautiful window seat while you hear your favorite music out. And take the charge of the wheel instead but umm…. we can make an exception for one day, right?

This love coupon for him will sure impress him!

I hope your driving skills will do the same!! Winks!

Road trip with him

7.    Sensuous Spicy Spa With A Bubble Bath

A full body oil massage followed by a warm bath for two!

Wow!! Now that is a sexy love coupon.

Intimacy at request you see! 

Girlies, grab your sketch pens and get-going to gift him these Love coupons with a heavy dose of love!

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