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5 Things To Do Before You Are 30

30 is a good milestone and there certain things you just have to do before you are 30! So I have come up with a list on my bucket list of ‘Things to do before you are 30’ based on my likes and preferences!

Time has a strange way of not stopping for anyone. Just as you give a sigh of relief for finishing college, you end up with a job. Just as you bag a good job with great opportunities, you get married. Just as you get used to waking up beside a new person each morning, you become a mother. And once motherhood happens, your whole life becomes a blur of diapers and crying babies. Before you know it, you turn 30!

While this list is not comprehensive, there is no pressure to do these before you are 30. You can do them before you are 40 or even 50. Just having a goal in mind with a deadline helps most people achieve their dreams rater than a vague idea of doing it later.

So here you go:

Things to do before you are 30:

1. Travel alone

Traveling alone is an adventure in its own right. You get to meet new people and their habits. You might even learn new cultures. But most importantly, you come to terms with your own strengths and weaknesses. In the end,that’s what everything boils down to – your strengths. Who knows, you might be able to change a tire without any help. Traveling alone is the best time to find out. If you’re worried about going out alone, try places that are nearby. Heck, you could even go to your local market alone and feel proud!

2. Learn a new language

This one has always been on my list. Learning a new language is very beneficial. For one, you acquire a new skill. Next, you will be actually able to visit the place that speaks the  fearlessly. And thirdly, your grey cells get some work to do, making your memory sharper. Moreover, after 30, many people complain that their learning power diminishes. Best learn a couple of languages before you’re 30!

3. Live alone at least once

Indian parents are the ultimate caretakers. In fact, many boys live with their parents well into their 50s! But try living alone at least once. If possible, shift to a new city. If not, move in with a friend in the same city. It will take a lot of convincing, but trust me, it is worth it. Nothing teaches independence life living alone. When you have to get up and prepare your own meals however sick you may be, gives you tough lessons. These lessons will stand in good stead by you throughout your life.

4. Start saving

Saving can never start too early. If you have always saved your pocket money, we are applauding here! But if you haven’t, start today! Start with a small amount – Rs. 1000 per month will do. But keep it aside and invest it well. You will not regret it.

5. Start a fitness routine

If you already do not have a fitness regimen in place, this is the best time to do so. If you have a hectic job with no time for the gym, do small things that can fit in your schedule. Use the stairs at your workplace instead of the lift. Take a break every hour and walk around briskly on your floor. Watch what you eat. Little changes in your lifestyle can go a long way into making you fit.


I like 30. 30 has a good vibe to it. I am midway through life. I have graduated, done a job or two, got married and became a mother. I am not tired yet. I have the urge to do more. I can do more.

So why not? Let’s start today and try to accomplish as many things as we can!

What are your dreams? A bucket list of things to do before you are 30? Share them with us here!

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