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Burn Away That Belly Fat, Ladies!

Hey ladies! I am back this week with a set of exercises for reducing that irritating belly fat that never seems to go away. As you know, this is the third and last part of the series of exercises required to burn away that belly fat you never wanted but is there always with you like a true friend!
These exercises are such that you don’t need to take out much time out of your busy schedule to do that. You just need to be consistent and really must consult a gym instructor or a certified trainer before you start doing these exercises, or any exercise for that matter. Failing to do so might cause serious injuries.

Burn away belly fat

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1. Captain’s Chair

Doesn’t the name sound catchy? The exercise is very effective in reducing fat around your tummy, plus toning your thigh muscles. It is an intense workout and burns calories quickly. You only need a chair to do this exercise.

  • Sit on the chair and keep your spine straight.
  • Then, keep your shoulders relaxed.
  • Keep both hands beside you, the palms by your hips, facing downward. And, take a deep breath.
  • While exhaling, bring both your legs upwards, so that your knees are near your chest.
  • Hold for five seconds.
  • Do not arch your back or bend forwards.
  • Bring your legs down again and repeat.

You can do variations like hanging knee raises or lying leg raises.

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2. Bending from side to side

This exercise is one that we have been doing since ages, at school or at home. Our abdominal muscles are targeted by doing this exercise. An unknown fact is that, bending side to side also improves our digestive system.

  • Stand straight with your feet together.
  • Keep your hands to your sides.
  • Bend to the right as much as possible, with your legs on the ground, till you feel a pull on your left waist.
  • Raise your left hand upwards.
  • Stay in position for 15 seconds.
  • Return to original position and repeat on the other side.

3. Walking

Surprised to see walking on this list? Well, walking is a great way of burning away that unwanted belly fat. In fact, it is a superb calorie burning exercise for your whole body. If you follow a healthy diet and combine it with walking briskly for 30-45 minutes five times a week, your weight will reduce steadily. Walking is a low-impact exercise that increases your heart rate and metabolism, which in turn consumes more calories. All unwanted fats, love handles, fat calves, will all melted away along with belly fat. Walking is a very good exercise for beginners. You should walk at a place in which you should be able to talk coherently.

​4. Swimming

Swimming is a superb exercise to lose unwanted fat and tone up your body. Select strokes that require you to strain more, so that you burn more calories. If you are a beginner, go for swimming 2-3 times a week. You can gradually increase the number and the time you spend at the pool.

5. Cycling

burn that belly fat

Swimming and cycling are the two best exercises to keep fit. Even if you don’t do anything else, these two will help you maintain a toned body. No wonder our grandparents who traveled by cycle are still hale and hearty, while we, the new generation, who bring out our two-wheelers for running even the smallest of errands, are full of aches and pains and fat accumulations in unwanted places. If regular cycling isn’t your thing, you could go on a long trip once in a week.

So there. These are all the exercises you can do to get a perfect belly. Do these diligently and, as I said earlier, under the eye of an instructor. We want you safe!
Share your workout pics with us. Let’s move forward towards good health

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