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SwaSwara-A Yoga Retreat

Stress is eating up our life. Daily chores, office, house work, traffic, kids all add up to the stress. At some point in time, we feel like running away from all this and spending time for ourselves, to discover our inner self.  At Femme Fiesta, we are running month long activities for stress management and I will bring along resorts for you where you can spend a few days to get de-stressed!

We start with one such resort named SwaSwara, which means “My Inner Sound”. This resort brings in this new idea of yoga retreat to the Indian shores. The resort is located at Gokarna in Karnataka atop a cliff overlooking the Om beach. It is a serene and secluded resort. The well-being holiday offerings from CGH Earth Experience include yoga, meditation, Ayurveda, naturopathy, nature walks, art, yoga, swimming pool, organic farming & interactive kitchen.

About Swaswara:

The 30-acre property has a jasmine garden, a sugarcane field, fruit trees, a forest area, a yoga meditation and a deck overlooking Om beach.  The stay is in the Konkani huts which are a masterpiece of design blending the outdoors with the inside – so you shower in complete privacy but in the open air. The huts are made up using local materials like laterite and coconut thatch and they have all the modern amenities and comforts. Each villa has an open garden which is planted with herbs like Tulsi, lemon grass etc.

Activities at Swaswara:

Now coming to the programs that are offered at the resort. They have 5 to 21 days’ wellness programs. You can enrol in anyone of them depending on your choice and the time in hand. For details, you can visit their website. Pricing is on a higher side but with all that they offer, it’s totally worth it.

Regarding the activities at the resort, the resort has an Indian Spa centre called Swa which brings in the traditional healing practices which includes naturopathy, Ayurveda and meditation. Yoga is offered at the resort for improving once physical health. Apart from this, early morning nature walks and sunrise meditations are not to be missed. There are pottery classes, interactive cooking classes, a boating tour and visit to Gokarna’s town and temples. You can relax in the swimming pool which has warm water and a jacuzzi.

Food at Swaswara:

Regarding food that is served at SwaSwara, we in general have a notion that oily and spicy food is tastier than the bland food. If you think so, eat at SwaSwara once. The organic gourmet food is prepared using fresh fish and fresh farm vegetables with almost no oil. No processed foods are used and for the people who have their Prakruthi analysis done at the resort and been advised a Prakruthi Dosha-based diet, authentic Ayurveda cuisine is served. Raw diet is also served if advised so by the naturopathy doctor.

The silence at the resort is startling. everyone is soft spoken. You are discouraged to use mobiles and loud sounds. But, you won’t miss TV, internet, mobile, newspapers etc. here. You will learn the sound of silence. There would be soothing sounds of birds chirping and occasionally the sound of wind chimes thrown in. You can also hear the sound of sea in the background. While healthy organic cuisine recharges your body, a regimen of yoga, naturopathy, meditation and art therapy refreshes your mind.

I am sure after a visit to this resort, you will surely feel rejuvenated and will start working with double might. So, what are you waiting for? Book the resort and get some stress-free time!


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