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5 healthy eating tips for all worker bees

Its a fact that healthy eating habits are ignored by working women and then worry about increasing weight. Working moms, entrepreneurs, girl bosses or homemakers, though our career line be different, essentially we all fall under the same category.

The age group 28 to 40 mainly consists of these dynamic, hardworking, multi-talented women who are excellent at juggling more than 2 responsibilities at once! And this is no joke, whether a blogger mom of teens or a 28 year old single, with a full-time job relentlessly working to start her own company, we know how to excel professionally.

And while doing justice to all these ‘important duties’, we often forget to take a glance at ourselves. Every morning we do stare at the mirror and make sure we look the part, but hardly ever we glance within. Self-care is a trending hashtag but when was the last time we actually lived it? Today we have some healthy eating tips for all you busy bees out there to make sure you’re chin up with a crown that dazzles in your glory.

5 healthy eating tips for all worker bees

Eating tip 1: No more hungry

Often we feel our stomach growling at us, looking for food. This is the most vulnerable time ladies! Don’t give in to your stomach’s tantrums. This is when your mind and brain start playing wicked games and the next thing you know, you have gulped down a milkshake and a bagel! And the health conscious ones choose protein bars, chewy bars, meal replacement bars and what not! Stay away from all those shakes, smoothies and energy drinks.

Tip: Always carry dry nuts and dry fruits in your purse. Almonds, cashews, peanuts (all unsalted) with figs, dates, raisins etc. make a perfect snack and a wholesome activity for your hungry stomach.

My favorite: Ghee + jaggery + peanuts

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Eating tip 2: Breakfast

We all agree breakfast is the most important meal of the day. But more than 70% of us rush out our homes with an apple in one hand and a coffee or a muffin to go. No, this needs to stop if you want to glow at 40. A wholesome breakfast means a wholesome start to the day. Plan your breakfast, and make sure you sit down and eat.

Tip: Aloo paratha, Upma, Dosa, Daliya, Idli, Plain paratha with pickle, Fingermillet porridge, masala chai, masala doodh, fresh fruit etc

My favorite: Avocado toast, omelet muffins, scrambled eggs, aloo paratha

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Eating tip 3: Hydration

Another important aspect to maintain a younger looking, wrinkle-free skin. Hydrate your body constantly. With the rising temperatures, we all do feel thirsty. But more than often, we fall for bottled lemonades, juices, pop, cola and other aerated drinks. The health conscious ones unknowingly fall for the ‘high fibre’, ‘no added sugar’, ‘natural pulp’, ‘high protein’ drinks. Simple, cheap and affordable drink: Water. Carry a bottle with you, always. Fill it up at water fountains/coolers at least 3 times a day. An average human must consume 3 to 4 liters of water every day.

Tip #1: Drink water before and after your meal, take a sip or two every 15-20 minutes. When hungry, first drink a cup or two of water. Then reach out for snacks.

Tip #2: Avoid chilled water in the summers. I know it sounds tempting, with the scorching heat burning us outside. But, it just ends up making us thirstier. The best way to quench your thirst is to have water out of a mud pot (maath). Buy one today, if you don’t have it!

My favorite: Coconut water (once a day), homemade lemonade with basil or saffron or black salt-cumin.

Healthy eating tips

Eating tip 4: Home made and regular Meals

We are what we eat and we can’t stress enough on this. Enjoy homemade meals, avoid cafeteria food, and avoid eating out of packets. Leftovers from last night’s dinner can be packed as lunch for today. Making a big batch of pasta for lunch goes perfect in everyone’s lunch box. If your maid makes chapati and sabji for you in the morning, nothing better than that.

Tip: Carry a cup of raw veggies like carrots or cucumber, a small container of homemade yogurt or buttermilk, add ghee to your meals to avoid post lunch lethargy.

My favorite: Legumes curry and rice, bruschetta, pulao with raita, a hearty soup like minestrone and a toast, sandwich without cheese and ketchup (bought when absolutely no time to make lunch)

Eating tip 5: Snacks

I am a big snacker of all times. When I am writing my blogs or working at my desk, I need to entertain myself with something. Though I always have a jar of fresh mint lemonade on side, something to snack on just around 4 pm keeps things interesting. Like mentioned above, first drink a couple cups of water. Then enjoy you little snack pack!

Tip: Homemade chivda, laddoo, chikki, khakra, chakli, kadboli, hummus and veggies or pita, guacamole and chips etc.

My favorite: Homemade hummus with pita and pickled veggies, homemade chakli, sev.

Healthy eating tips

Simple steps lead to the most beautiful destinations. Stay active, eat healthy, be strong and go out there to conquer the world. Oh, and keep following us for more such constructive content. #metime #selfcare.

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