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8 Simple and Fun Beach activities for kids

We are going to visit Andaman and Nicobar islands soon. The trip is with kids and a group of friends and their kids. We already have a perfect itinerary in place. It involves running wild on the beach and going crazy with the water sports. However, our kids will be forming lifetime memories here with their friends, so I want it to be extremely special for them. The organizer in me has got working and I have come up with a list of some simple and fun beach activities for kids to keep it interesting and fun for them.

Beach vacation can be extremely thrilling and exciting, however being near to the sea just means that you have to be extra careful with your kids.

Beach Vacationing with kids in Andaman and Nicobar islands? Few travel tips –

Just a few tips before we go to the fun part –

  • Ask for the age limit for snorkelling and scuba diving and then allow your kids to do it. Do it with caution.
  • Apply right kind of sun screen as the it may become too hot for your kids. Also a hat is a must!
  • Keep them hydrated during the day so that the sun does not hurt them.
  • Carry your own medication, as you know which medicine suits your kid
  • Carry extra food as the kids are bound to get hungry with all the excess activity they are doing
  • Do not forget their favourite toy or a story book, coz things might just get too much for them and they will cherish something familiar in the new territory they are exploring.
  • It is still advisable to carry as little luggage as possible as carrying the luggage around along with kids can be a bit clumsy.
  • Keep a separate beach bag with beach towels and swim suits for kids. Let them learn to carry their own weight and be responsible for it.

With this, I am sure you are all ready to enjoy your beach vacation. So here goes the list of 8 simple and fun beach activities for kids to do in Andaman and Nicobar islands!

Beach side vacation

8 Simple and Fun Beach activities for kids

1. Beach Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is the most fun way in which you can make kids observe things around you.  You can select your own pictures and print a copy for the kids. You can also visit this website, which has pretty awesome scavenger hunt ideas.

2. Water sports

Many beaches generally have multiple sports adventure options for kids. You can print the pictures of sports adventures and ask them to tick off the sports activities completed by them. This will definitely excite them to try different new activities on the beach.

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3. Sand castle race

There’s no such thing as too much fun in building big sand castles! So you can plan a race as to who builds fastest and biggest sand castles. I guarantee that parents will also get involved in this game!

If you think your kids are too small for this game, you can also try good old digging. It can be a race to dig deeper into the sand and check whose hole is deepest in the sand.

4. Frisbee and Ball

You will not believe the number of games that can be played using just a Frisbee and a ball on the beach. Beach Frisbee and volley ball can easily escalate to most happening beach games you have ever played. You can playing Frisbee golf game by throwing the Frisbee at a particular pre-decided target.  You can also try bowling by involving ball and sand castles! Check this link to make a list of such games with frisbee and ball.

5. Beach pictionary

Let the kids run wild by drawing things on the beach. Let the other kids guess what it is from the picture drawn.

6. Beach Yoga

If the kids get bored you can just ask them to do some quick yoga poses and turn it into a photo shoot. I am sure they will love to pose for your lenses.

You can even take this time to teach them some meditation, if they are in the mood.

7. Relay races and competitions

There is no better way to excite the kids then ask them to compete against each other. The best can be running competition as you have the entire beach to hold the race. If all the kids know how to swim and then you can arrange a swimming competition in restricted area. You can also arrange different kinds of relay races with the material available with you.

8. Beach picnic

You can carry food with you which can be prepared and served by the kids. For examples, you can carry sandwiches those can be served by the kids.

travel to beach

Travel to the beach can prove to be extremely delightful for kids as they can officially get messy while playing. With these fun and simple beach activities for kids and some pre planning, you can definitely make the vacation memorable for them!

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