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Country of thrones: Croatia

Winter is Coming!

Everyone was waiting for this moment since the penultimate season of Game of thrones (GOT) ended. Finally the new season premiered on 14th April 2019.

This epic fantasy series is watched and loved by all around the globe. I have binge watched it during the night and it was an eerie experience.

Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not, Fear cuts deeper than sword, When you play game of thrones you either win or die...all these dialogues, unique characters… all are extremely intriguing. Not just the show, but the locations where the show is shot are extremely intriguing too.

This show is shot in many countries. Other than Spain, Morocco and Malta, Croatia is the country where most of the scenes of GOT were shot. After introducing the Game of thrones tour, the country saw a sudden rise in tourism. Let’s explore these places in Croatia!


As you land here you will know that you have arrived in the GOT land.The city is where the King’s landing is shot. Walk the walls and you will get most of these GOT places –

  • ST Diminika Street is the Flea Bottom in the series or where the Gold Cloaks scene takes place.
  • Pile Gate which is called as Mud Gate in the show where people attack Joffrey. It doubles as the entry to Blackwater Bay in the series.
  • Mineeta Tower which is The House of Undying in the show is exactly as you see it in the show.So you can click a picture exactly like the characters in the show.It is also called as the most beautiful fort in Dubrovnik.This tower was built by famous architect Juraj Dalmatinac. The tower also is the  highest point in the city And do not forget to climb on the top of the tower for some breathtaking views of the city and the Adriatic Sea.
  • West Harbor which is the blackwater bay in the series is a place where you can do Kayaking and circle the city.
  • Lovrijenac Fort is a 12 mtr thick wall built by Croatians against Venetian attack. It is located on the top of a steep cliff and had large cannons guarding the sea facing walls. This is the place where tournament is thrown in the honour of King Joffrey. The inscription above the main door, “Freedom cannot be sold for all the gold of the world” in the fort is as iconic as the show.


Lokrum island :

This island is Qarth in the show which Daenerys Targaryen visits to socialize with the city’s elite crowd. Its a lush green island and the botanical garden and the Benedictine monastery are places where many scenes are shot. Apart from the GOT connection, this place is also famous for it’s unspoiled beauty and the crystal clear waters. Another attraction here is the Dead Sea Lake which is a wonderful spot for swimming.



In the show, Trogir is the trading harbour of Qarth where the Khaleesi’s dragons  were imprisoned. Also don’t miss to visit beautiful St. Dominic’s monastery.


Split and Klis:

See the Daenery’s Throne Room in Diocelatian’s Palace. Diocelatian’s Palace located in the city center of Split has  220 buildings inside the 31,000 sq meters of this fortresses. It is almost 1700 years old, built in 3rdd century by Emperor Diocelatian. There is a whole city inside the walls with houses,shops, restaurants all located inside it.

Remember Daenerys settles in at her new fortress after liberating the town’s from slave trade after overthrowing the Meereen. This is Klis Fortress. The fortress once served as a defense against the Ottoman advances and is now a musuem.



The city of Braavos in the Game of Thrones. The scene in which Arya Stark follows Bravoosi is shot in front of the St. James Cathedral. The port of Mandroc is the port of Bravoos in the series.


There is so much to see in Croatia.The crystal clear waters,the forts,streets all are just so beautiful and unique.No wonder this place was chosen for filming GOT.


So all you GOT fans! Pack your bags and head over to Croatia! Because Winter is coming..

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