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Inner Beauty Movement!

Guest Post by Yogita Kulkarni

As I uploaded my page I had lot of queries on diets, losing weight and size zero. Yes, all this is definitely part of what I want to convey but most importantly I am talking about the inner beauty.

You may think that a chiseled face, gorgeous physic and fine clothing makes a person attractive, yes it does but as bonus. All of it matters for others and can be overlooked when other traits of your inner self are brought into the picture. The glow of confidence and sex appeal radiates from within yourself. You need to believe that true beauty comes from within.

If you love, appreciate and feel good about yourself you are more confident while interacting and socializing, that’s called happiness. If you achieve a combination of this inner beauty and outer beauty you definitely have achieved happiness. Ain’t we all talking about this pursuit! Is this not life in itself?
So let’s make this our priority than just setting short term goals then rest will follow. Outer beauty is the by-product of how you deal with your inner self.

So beautiful people my views on how you can achieve this inner pursuit.

Achieve Inner beauty

Healthy body and mind –

Respect and love your body. Do not abuse it with wrong food or no food. Exercise daily, set fitness goals, a diet and fitness regime should be your lifestyle. Keep your mind healthy by sharing and connecting with your loved ones. Work on relationships.

Inner beauty

Appreciate the good and the bad –

We can easily learn to appreciate our attractive traits but what about our flaws? Imperfection is the truest form of beauty. So learn to accept both good and the bad about yourself. They are what makes you unique.

Smile –

A simple smiling face can win many hearts. Smile displays that warmth to people around which in turn only gives ourselves happiness.

Inner beauty

Be grateful-

Give back to the society. Be kind to people in your lives, simple act and gestures of love and kindness will be source of inner strength and contentment. A person who radiates kindness and generosity of heart can not only feel beautiful in themselves but regarded as beautiful souls

Release stress-

Take time out. Love yourself. Feel the beauty that surrounds you. De stress, de clutter your thoughts. Keep away from negativity. Don’t lose touch with yourself.

Inner beauty

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These are just a few to start with.

Happiness is the source of true inner beauty, so let’s start this movement and rest will follow.

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