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Puran Poli: A folklore

A Maharashtrian household and Puran Poli share a reciprocal relation. Rosgulla is Bengali, Biryani is Hyderabadi, Kebabs are Lucknowi, Dhokla is Gujarati; likewise Puran Poli is Marathi. Also known as Obattu or Holige or simply Poli in Karnataka. Puran is the stuffing made using Chana dal and jaggery, while Poli means a flat bread. Making a perfect Puran Poli is truly an art. Right from the consistency of dough and filling to rolling out a perfect Poli contributes towards a khamanga(delicious) Puran Poli.

Puran Poli Graces many occasions:

Puran Poli is prepared on various occasions in a Maharashtrian home. Gudi Padwa or the Maharashtrian new year, Holi, Gauri Poojan, Mangala Gauri, Bail Pola, Weddings, Naming ceremony, Baby shower etc. Moreover, a baby is made to take its first few steps over fresh Puran Polis. I relate this tradition with the phrase ‘A cake walk!’

There are two kinds of Puran Polis that I know of- Tel Poli (Oil based) and Peeth Poli (Flour based). The difference being that first is rolled only using oil on a thin tin sheet while the latter is rolled using flour. Quite obvious, the latter is slightly drier. Usually finished off with ghee, Puran Poli is always accompanied by more ghee and/or milk. Puran Poli + milk is a complete meal packed with nutrition and flavour. No cookie + milk stands a chance next to Puran Poli + milk.

How to make one:

Like mentioned earlier, Puran Poli is quite technical and you need a skillful hand to roll out perfect Puran Polis. Lately, many women entrepreneurs have begun to highlight this skill by selling their products. Every area will have at least one lady who takes care of the Puran Poli needs on festive days. Mind you, she might be sold out weeks before the actual day!

Making one is best explained by the experts in a demo format. Here’s a video showcasing a Tel Poli which is supposedly the harder one. Take a close look at her artsy fingers…

Are you drooling yet?? Share pictures and/or videos of you or your mother/mother-in-law/grandmother absolutely nailing this recipe! We would love to hear your stories, experiences and family traditions that linger around this delicacy. And don’t forget to tag us. #metime

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