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Easy to pack lunches for road trips

Monsoon is a perfect season for road trips. Long roads, green pastures passing by, cloudy dark skies and music to soothe your ears! It seems heaven! But this is not enough. Being in a car makes you hungry. It happens to me a lot. Once I sit in the car I need something to nibble. Not only me, but as the car starts my kids suddenly want something yummy to snack on. So, generally I prep these easy to pack lunches for road trips. They are easy for me to carry when traveling with kids!

You can even make it into an activity to be done with kids, as very little prep is required for most of these lunches.

This is what I have compiled on easy to pack lunches, snacks and munchies for road trips (You will also like to read about these road trips near Pune!)

1. Sandwich

Sandwich is the easiest food item you can pack and loved by all. You can make mayo sandwiches, Nutella sandwiches or chutney sandwiches.

You can even carry the raw material with you packed in zipper bags and make them on the go.

2. Paratha roll

You can make methi parathas or theplas and roll them with chutney or any spreads or sauces.

Easy to carry and easy to eat too.

3. Puri

Any variation of puris can be carried with you. Sweet pumpkin puri (bhoplyache gharge) are easy to carry and stay fresh for many days. It is one of the most loved snacks among the kids. You can roll the spicy puri (palak puri, methi puri, etc) in an aluminium foil with pickle or chutney and you are good to go.

4. Peanut laddoos

This pre meal snack is extremely healthy and packed with nutrients. The laddoos made out of ghee, jaggery and peanuts are loved by all.

Carry them in old mithai boxes, which you can throw away once they are empty.

5. Easy to mix bhel

You can carry individual ingredients of a bhel and make a picnic out of it. Just imagine enjoying the view with yummiest bhel to go with it!! Only the foodies will get it!!

6. Poha and Upma

You can make ready to eat poha and upma mix at home. Carry them in the use and throw containers. you will get boiling water at any dhaba. Just add it to the mix and you are good to go. Enjoy the taste of home wherever you go.

7. Snack pouch

Do not forget to carry this energy booster snack pouch; complete with dates, dry fruits and granola bars. They are very handy in case the dhaba seems no where in picture.

8. Muffins and cup cakes

As these wont last more than 2-3 days in the India weather, you can carry these for short trips. You can keep this to keep your kids busy too till the next destination is reached.

9. Different types of chips

You can also pack some chips for munching. Go for healthier options like – RiteBite Max Protein Chips, Spiced Okra Chips of To Be Healthy (TBH) and Crunchy Soya Chips.

10. Fruits

In case you are carrying a cooler, you can easily carry a variety of fruits with you.

Prep for these picnic food items and get ready to travel anywhere with your kids!

If you have any more suggestions, do not forget to drop in comments below!!

Happy travels with these easy to pack lunches for road trips!!

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