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Gandikota and Belum caves

Gandikota and Belum caves near Bangalore is the hidden gem of India. Better known as the Grand Canyon of India, this place is a miracle and an absolute pleasure to visit. The 13th-century old Gandikota fort has this gorge, a temple of Madhavswamy Ranganath, and a mosque. Though the views are spell bounding, the hike to the top is not as easy as it sounds.

When I shared this new-found knowledge with my husband, we decide to plan a trip there. After coaxing and convincing, and a lot of google searches later, we had done our bookings and were all set to travel to this amazing destination! Gandikota and Belum caves were our plans for the long weekend.

Apart from the Mysore visit (read our Mysore travel guide), you can include this offbeat destination in your itinerary.

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Gandikota and Belum caves

How to reach Gandikota and Belum caves

​The nearest airport is the Tirupati airport at Reniguta and the nearest train station is Jammalamadugu. From Pune, you can board the Chennai Express which starts at 6.10 PM and reaches Muddunaru at 8.30 AM the next day. Isn’t that convenient?

Where to stay near Gandikota and Belum caves?

​Gandikota is a small place. The best option to stay is the APTDC complex near Gandikota fort. You need to call at this place to do the bookings as online mode is unavailable.

What to see near Gandikota and Belum caves

​The place is a huge surprise. If you are interested in history, see the charming Gandikota fort. In case you are a nature lover then don’t miss the views of the gorge and Pennar river. And if you are an adventurist, do try camping, rappelling, rock climbing activities at the Pennar river. You can also sleep under the stars by sleeping in camping tents. Get awestruck by the caves formed by water- the Belum caves which have deposits of Quartz, stalactite, etc. Try camping activity here.

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​A two-day itinerary should include a visit to the below places:

Gandikota Fort

​Trek over the Gandikota fort which was built in the 13th century. See the intricate carvings in the fort. The perfect example of unity in India can be seen with a mosque and a temple built next to each other. While the temple displays the beautiful Hindu culture, the carvings in the mosque depict the beautiful Islamic culture. The fort is built in red Stone and the changes in color of the fort at the dusk make it extremely beautiful.

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Gorge and Pennar river

​Take a ride to heaven with a beautiful view of the gorge! The rock formations here will leave you spellbound! They are so beautiful that they look as if some artist has beautifully carved them with a purpose. See the sunset at the place and you will find eternal peace and a memory of a lifetime! It is true that somethings cannot be expressed in words and the view here is definitely one of them!

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Belum Caves

​The second longest cave in India and the longest underground cave in India, Belum caves is indeed a treat for adventure enthusiasts. For instance, people fond of caving activity must surely visit this place. The tourism department has put lights in the caves and there is enough oxygen in the caves for people to venture in. The caves are formed by Chitravati river, when it emerged into the rocks and created this beauty. The caves were occupied by the Buddhist and Jain monks. You will be zapped by the formations you see inside the caves. In addition, Patalganga is another attraction for which you need to go 150 feet deep inside the caves.

Gandikota and Belum caves – Best time to visit

​November to March is the best time to visit the place. However, it gets really hot during summers here, hence those months must be avoided.

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A long weekend, a zeal for adventure, good company, and an unexplored destination with a host of options, makes for the perfect cocktail! This would definitely get me high on life! What about you?

Started packing your bags yet?

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