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The 4 workout pieces every woman should own

Keeping fit is one of the essential things in life, just like eating and sleeping. But some of us are so comfortable in our workout clothes that we tend to hang around in it even on days we don’t work out.

Myntra sportswear has got an amazing range of sportswear you can practically live in. They are so utterly comfortable, that you will want to wear them day in and day out, whether or not you hit the gym or go running that day.

We have compiled 4 pieces for the workout that you must absolutely have. You can have more, of course, but never ever skip on these four. They are the base on which you build your workout routine.

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4 workout pieces every woman should own

Sports bra

workout pieces every woman should own

You just cannot workout wearing a normal bra. Period! You must have a good sports bra as a top priority in your sportswear!

Sports bras are designed specifically to support your breasts and hold them close to your body while you exercise. Do not, we repeat, do not skimp on this absolutely essential piece of workout clothing. Sports bras need not be plain and drab. Pick them up in bright colours so that you can add a new zing to your workout routine. Neon and grey combinations are great, as are pure neon colours like lime green, fuchsia pink, or bright orange.

Electric colours like blue are a rage too. But if you are not a great fan of brightly coloured clothes, and don’t want to settle for the boring blacks, you can choose from pleasing pastel shades too.

Myntra has a variety of sports bras in all the colours of the rainbow, so that you can shop for whichever colour or pattern catches your fancy. And add the much-needed zest in your exercise.

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Track pants

workout pieces every woman should own

A well-fitting pair of track pants made from breathable fabric is a sportswear necessity for any workout. Imagine wearing denim or trousers during workout! Absolutely no! Track pants are very comfortable, lightweight and breathable.

Myntra has awesome track pants made of absorbent materials like cotton and microfiber or super stretchable fabric like Lycra. A rigorous workout session means lots of sweat all over your body, even in parts you didn’t know existed. Track pants help in absorbing most of the sweat, so that you are not faced with any embarrassing moments (like wet thighs) during or after your exercise session. Add cycling shorts or three fourth leggings (also called cropped leggings) into the mix, and voila! You have a chance to shine every single day!

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Sports shoes

Proper sports shoes or canvas shoes are a must, as any exercise lover knows. Wear the wrong shoes, and you will only end up pulling a muscle or injuring yourself in some other way. Sports shoes and sneakers are designed specifically for use of exercise. Most of them have great grips to avoid falls and contours to provide maximum support to your legs while you exercise.

Wearing a pair of good sports shoes ensures that you don’t end up with painful legs and blisters on your leg at the end of a workout session too. Keep in mind, however, that you need to replace your shoes periodically after every six to eight months.

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This is because the shoes eventually lose their elasticity and cannot provide full support to your legs. Even if they fit perfectly, consider replacing them regularly. And sports shoes and sneakers no longer mean mono-coloured pieces. With a variety of colour combinations and patterns and designs, you have an endless variety of options to choose from.

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Layer cleverly

Workout is a sweaty business. It may be winter and you may be shivering as you get to the gym, but once your routine starts, you start sweating. Depending on what kind of workout you do, you can sweat lightly or copiously. This problem has a simple solution; wear layers of clothes.

Wearing multiple layers endures that you are never too hot or too cold. You can just keep on peeling off each layer as you grow hotter and pull them on again when you cool down. Yes, it’s as simple as that!

Myntra has this cool range of t-shirts, tank tops and lightweight jackets that are so easy to wear, you might forget you are wearing anything at all!

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Easy to remember, isn’t it? These are literally all you need for a great exercising time.

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Yes, you need good headphones, of course. That goes without saying. And a peppy playlist to snap you out of your sleep and get you in the workout mode.

Another very important thing you should remember is that you must keep yourself hydrated. Not only during summers but throughout the year, being hydrated should feature on top of your workout list. If there is a fancy water bottle you have been eyeing for some time now, there is no better time to grab it than now!

The right equipment is also a must. Whether you are planning to join a gym or you work out from home, using the correct gear is very essential, unless you wish to land up in bed with an injury.

Keep these things in mind and rock your workouts!

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