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Here’s How to Keep Your Couple Spark Alive!

Countless moments spent with one other and millions of smiles lived, but owing to all these glories, is your love life taking a backseat while you both are busy with the individual routine of yours? Are kids and family wiping out time in your life with no space for the word ‘us’?

If years drying up your marriage, we have few suggestions listed below for you to try!


Easy to say but difficult to replicate; post managing out chores and carving the sleep schedule together is a huge task!

However, if your night routines owe you different sleep timings, give a heads-up for the morning cuddles and snuggles!

Because love is a magic and cuddles just make it a more magical experience!

Have A No Phone Hour Together

Put those phones down while you appreciate each other’s company!

Be it a calm-stroll holding hands or a quick chit-chatting session; Agree to ditch your phones for a portion of time and detach technology to allow maximization of your affection.

Spice Up Things In The Bedroom

Make those vocal desires speak volumes of passion behind the closed doors! Winks!

Add dressing up and try role plays to the monotony of the love making sessions!

If role plays goof make you laugh, try the latest available toys out there and make each other’s dream turn into reality!

Appreciate Each Other

Because nothing creates more love than self-talking the efforts of your spouse!

Appreciate each tiny detail you love about each other and keep falling in love again and again!

Give A Chance To Miss Each-Other

It’s perfectly OKAY to leave lose your better half once a while and let them miss you after a while! Winks! Time apart is a healthy element of a relationship and will only leave you wanting more of them.

Give Surprises!

Don’t wait for anniversaries and birthdays and give them those expected surprises!

Instead, move out of the box and see their ‘Oh my God!’ expressions on a more frequent basis!

A small red rose or a pair of boxers is enough to bring a smile on their faces, girls!

Be More Of Ourselves Than Being Myself

Ditch solo-hood and dig deep into being together. Never forget to have fun with each other!

Eat, play, repeat. Be it outings with a group of friends or just enjoying the melted ice cream lying on the sofa with those not so clean pajamas and hogging around or making weird facing with the camera on, make your partner your priority and watch the spark tickling with joy!!

Ladies, say cheers to ‘UsTime’!

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