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Move On From That Cold Breakup In A Swag

Empty promises, disturbing thoughts, dried roses and wet pillows.
Where his absence cuts deep wounds again and again, isn’t it better to move away well in time before the storms hit even harder?
While you get up to surface the reality, we are here to help to outgrow your insecurity and build up your confidence girls!
Read on to get the helping hand and move over this rough patch of your life with a swag!
Don’t cry on your past while the sun shines for a better tomorrow out there!

1. Burn His Picture

Yes, this WORKS!!
Take his best picture and proceed Winks!
Declutter your memory by kick-starting destruction before his thoughts destruct you in and out!

2. Unfollow Him On Facebook

While Instagram might give you a glimpse of his hot edited pictures, the real stuff and activitieswill always lie with the ‘everything’ access Facebook!
When unfriending him becomes too much of task, unfollowing him is an easy option for the beginners!
Turn off his notifications to ‘by default’ instead of ‘see first’ girls!
Little things like these can calm your restless heartbeats for the upcoming days!!

3. Go In For An Amazing Haircut

Because pampering yourself makes a difference!
Get those bangs and flaunt out the latest funky hair color girls!
A makeover will give you enough confidence to stand up away from your breakover!

4. Put Back The Treasure In The Box

Just when you have the courage to flame his picture with the sore eyes of yours, keep calm for the other things!
The urge to throw away his things might flare your glare but keep your fire at bay girl!
You don’t want to regret your decision later, right?
Instead, dump all his memories in a box and put the box out of your sight!

5. Keep His Contacts Away

Breakups are hard- but letting go is the real challenge!
There is no way to remain ‘just friends’ with someone you shared your life girls!
Post breakup, stay miles away not just from him but also your ‘so called common friends’ too!!
It’s difficult but resist those urges girls but they make you heal faster.

6. Pen Your Thoughts Ladies

When the world out there is up to judge you for all valid reasons and there is no home to your voice your restless confusion ridden thoughts, putting down emotions on a piece of paper will make a positive impact on your life. Best of all? You can whine and complain to your heart’s content without being judged girls!


7. Travel Somewhere All Alone

While you are learning to let go, sign up for the various trippy treks and jungle safaris offered out there.
Yes, travel!
Pack your bags and get out of the city. Travel lets you explore places and takes your mind off everyday things including your relationship – from a distance. It’s easier to introspect if you’re not introspecting at a place that is filled with memories of things you’ve done there together!
If you’re skeptical about travelling solo, grab a few friends and head out!!

Girls, don’t stop dreaming just because thunders woke you up!

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