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Sky Diving – An experience of a lifetime!

Funky girl has her own travel list. She likes to explore the unexplored territories, travel the road less traveled and feel the breath of fresh air and sunshine, rather than the brown city air!
She always has adventures on the top of her list. May it be scuba diving, sky diving, bungee jumping, etc. Funky girl plans the experiences which only a few people think of!
We bring in a list of activities to you in this segment a list of activities, the funky girl in you, would love to enjoy! We start this segment with sky diving.

The Experience

​The experience can get as Wild as you want it to be. Imagine jumping from a plane amidst the clouds. How liberating it would be! There are levels in sky diving and you can decide on how much adventure you want. There are three levels. The basic is the tandem jump in which you jump out of the plane along with the guide and they do everything for you. They open the parachute for you and you just have to glide with them! They also take care of the landing. This is the simplest form of sky diving and does not require any prior training. The static jump is another form in which you are connected to the plane with a static line and the parachute opens automatically. You jump alone but it is simple and requires just 3 to 6 hrs of training. The last form is the most adventurous out of the three. Called the accelerated free fall jump, this is what you saw in the movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. You need proper training for this and you are the driver in this. You have to manage everything by yourself and this is surely not for the faint-hearted!

Where to do this

​There are multiple options available in India for sky diving:

1. ​Dessa Gujrat

​It is amongst the first place in India where skydiving started. The quaint city is located near Vadodra. The beautiful river Vishwamitri flowing through this city makes the view even more beautiful. Adventure Sports India, Ambe Aerosports and Skydiving Academy which are based out of Vadodara organize skydiving events. Please check the link below to book the same (click on the picture to know more):

2. ​Mysore, Karnataka

​Mysore has become a popular skydiving destination thanks to its proximity to Bangalore. The beautiful landscape of the city makes skydiving a wonderful experience. “Skydiving” which is near the Mysore airport organises the event in Mysore and the contact details for the booking is as given below (click on the picture to know more):

3. ​Pondicherry

​The French colonial town hosts the skydiving activity. Get a birds’ eye view of the beautiful landscape of the city! BMC India organizes the skydiving camp and to book the same details are as below (click on the picture to know more):

4. ​Aligarh Airstrip

It is located at commercial drop zone in Aligarh and is the latest entrant in the skydiving arena. Delhites can enjoy the sky diving act in Aligarh and to book the same, click on the link below:

5. Other destinations:

Amby valley also used to host the skydiving activity which was closer to Pune but has recently stopped the activity and might start it again at the end of 2018.

Dubai is considered as “the destination” for sky diving activity. If you are planning to visit Dubai during the shopping festival, do add sky diving also to the list!

Best Season:

There is no best season as such for this. But, the basic requirements are a clear sky for good visibility and control. So, rainy seasons are out of the question. Any other season should be good!


​The cost depends on the package you take, the type of jump that you take. It is advisable to take video shooting of the jump as this is something that you will experience only once in a lifetime! The price starts from around INR 16000 – 18000 per head.

Risk involved:

​The trainers in all the above mentioned places are certified, however there is risk involved in the activity. You would be made to sign a consent form that you are undertaking the activity at your own risk and the company won’t be responsible for any untoward incident.

Couldn’t resist sharing this!!

Sounds super exciting right? The thrill of flying through the endless sky like a bird (can’t help but remember Arjun’s words at this point, ‘Dude, use udna nahi, girna kehte hai!!’ Lol!!)… cannot imagine anything beating this experience. So, what are you waiting for, gal? Holidays are coming up! Go book your first experience now…

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