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USA Travel Series: Top things to do in Vegas!

Neha, our USA travel vlogger, got married in 2018 and a year went by with the blink of an eye! While she celebrated her honeymoon at Maui-a’s beautiful Hawaiian island, she wanted something grand for her anniversary too! And what would be a better way to celebrate the special day than at one of the most exotic destinations in the world – Las Vegas! So here is a video made by her for top things to do in Vegas!! Go Vegas, baby!!

Top things you to do in Vegas!

Las Vegas in movies!!

Las Vegas! The name itself induces excitement and thrill. We’ve heard so many stories about this city. Seen the movie series Hangover? The crazy stuff that those four friends do!! Also, if you’re a Friends fan, remember how Ross & Rachel got married at the Vegas chapel? That was one crazy episode! Ooooh, also the movie, “What happens in Vegas?”, where Ashton Kutcher & Cameron Diaz, both complete strangers get married in a drunken frenzy and realize their mistake a bit too late!!

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What is it all about?

So, is Vegas really all about getting pitch drunk, or mad stoned, and getting married to the wrong people while being pitch drunk or mad stoned? The other name given to this place is the Sin City, an abode to all the vices you can find!! But, is that all that you can find here? Although, the above would be amazing experiences to have (Lol!), and difficult as it is to believe, it is quite possible to have a completely normal tourist experience at Vegas. Surprised? What do you suppose our Neha’s vlog will contain? Drunken orgies or a tourist experience? Check out the video to see what she did.

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Las Vegas attractions

A couple of things before we move to the video. The first thing you need to know about Vegas is that it’s a desert. So, the climate will be typically hot, although it doesn’t matter to most. The main thing to enjoy here is the night life, so you sleep during the better part of the day! But, it would still be good to avoid the summer months when traveling here, so it’s a no-no for the months June through September.

Ironically, the meaning of the name Vegas is Meadows!! Apparently, the state had a lot of those couple of centuries ago!

Las Vegas hotels:

There are many hotels in Las Vegas which offer variety of activities. Select the one according to your liking as you would be spending most part of your trip in the hotel. Also avoid weekends and holidays if you want to avoid the crowds and want an effective deal.

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Oh, one more thing, if you start feeling a little overwhelmed over the whole night life of Vegas (though there’s no reason why you should be), the great Grand Canyon is at a distance of only about three hours from Las Vegas and you can club the trip to Las Vegas with a trip to Grand Canyon.

This is all from my side. You will find most of the other information you need in the video below.

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Check the below link to get a jhalak of what the Sin City is like, and get ready to plan your next trip there!

How did you like Neha’s travel story? Have you been to Vegas yourself? We would love to hear your stories, especially if there are any drunken ones! 😀 Don’t forget to use the hashtags #traveltuesdays # femmefiesta & #metime, when commenting!

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Happy traveling, folks!

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