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What to pack for a weekend getaway?

So you have finally decided to take some time off and go on a weekend getaway. It is a magical feeling, isn’t it, to be able to get away from your daily humdrum? So refreshing and rejuvenating, even if it is just a weekend. But, what to pack for a weekend getaway?

But, (there is always a but!), the packing can be overwhelming. Do you take three pairs of jeans? And what about that lovely party frock that you had got last month; can’t you wear that for dinner? Oh, and those absolutely stunning pair of shoes that you bought! You MUST wear it!

And so the list goes on, till your bag is bursting at the seams and is so heavy, you can’t budge it, let alone lift it. And you are going to be away for only two days! I once packed 4 pairs of shoes for a 3-day holiday. Yes, I know you are laughing, but that’s nothing compared to my husband’s reaction! Eventually, I realized I need to make some desperate changes in my planning, so I don’t end up doing that again.

This is a part of our exhaustive Ultimate Guide to Travel Planning.

Let me give you some tips that will help you pack for a weekend getaway like a pro and look stunning during your vacation as well.

What to pack for a weekend getaway?


Carry a pair of comfortable travel pants. They not only make you feel comfy during traveling, but double up as pajamas or lounge wear too. Plus, keep a pair of classic bottom wear that can be used in the mornings and evenings as well. Culottes are perfect. You can pair them with a T-shirt and sneakers during mornings and with a long kurti and fancy heels for fancier affairs in the evenings.


T-shirt is bae. And if it is perfect, it is even closer to the heart. But don’t get carried away by this love to pack on a whole bunch of t-shirts. 4-5 T-shirts will do. Just make sure they fit well and are comfortable. Depending on where you’re traveling, carry full sleeved ones (in case you’re traveling to wooded or cold areas), to tackle mosquitoes and insects and cold nights, or carry tank tops (in case you’re traveling to a beach). Short sleeved casual t-shirts work for any location.


Yes! We suggest you to pack a one-piece swimsuit, which will not only give you a great excuse for going swimming, but also can be worn as a body suit with a pair of jeans or a skirt (or culottes). Isn’t that a win-win?


What’s sassier than a leather jacket slung casually over your shoulder? Nothing! That’s exactly why we recommend you to take one along. You can wear it in the evenings too, to give your outfit a fashionable edge over other typically dressed vacationers. The best thing is, you can wear it during your travel, so no worries of packing it in your bag!


Carry just two pairs of shoes, we say, one comfy pair of sneakers and a fashionable pair for evenings. You can wear the sneakers during travel, so only the other one gets packed. Unless you plan to go trekking, in which case you will need sturdy walking shoes.


No outfit is complete without cool accessories. Try taking those that can go well with two or more outfits. One or two pair of earrings, some bracelets, your favourite sunglasses, some matching hair clips will do. Don’t forget your camera!

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Basic cosmetics and Make-up

Don’t make the mistake of packing all your make-up things. You are going to spend your time on a holiday, not sitting in front of the mirror, applying make-up. Go easy on the items and carry only the basics – a good concealer, compact, lipstick, kajal, eyeliner. Carry a sunblock if you have a sensitive skin. Generally the hotels you stay in give a free bottle of moisturizer. So, you don’t need to carry that. You also get travel packs for cosmetics on Amazon. Those small bottles can be filled with your favorite shampoo, conditioner, creams, and are very convenient to carry. Don’t worry about looking good too much. Let your skin enjoy the fresh air too! Your photos will come out better this way!!

So there you are! Isn’t packing for a weekend getaway simple? It really is! All of the stuff can fit in a small suitcase or a duffel bag easily, and you still get some space left over to bring back curios from there!

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So go there and enjoy. You can thank us later!

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